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Have you wondered where the earth is heading, and how it’s all going to end up?  Will it be total destruction, or is there a future for the human race and if so what sort of future?

Have you wondered what will happen when Christ returns?  What is “the Rapture”?

Have you wondered what the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, is all about?  What does “the Beast” mean, and “666”, and Babylon, and “the great tribulation”?

Did you know that there are hundreds of promises to God’s chosen people Israel that have yet to be fulfilled?  That God gave unconditional promises that he would never reject his chosen people?  So, what is the future for them and how does it affect the rest of humanity?  And how is their future connected with Christ’s return?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, then the materials that are downloadable from this website will interest you.  You will find them all at Prophecy toolkit .  There’s a complete explanation of “Revelation” and other resources there too.

But first, have a look at my Welcome and Introduction page.  You’ll find a quick summary of each of the materials, plus advice on how to get the most out of them all.  And if you would like to know more about me, have a read of My journey.  If you would like a summary of my theological position, then What I believe is for you.

Hope you find the materials helpful.  I have really enjoyed producing them.  Do let me know what you think of them, or if you have any questions.  There’s a box below for your comments.  Or if you would like to contact me privately, email me at:

prophecytoolkit@btinternet.com .


Member of Derby City Church

Subjects: Christ’s return; Armageddon; resurrection of the dead; Revelation; the Beast; 666; Babylon; persecution of Christians; restoration of Israel; Bible prophecy.

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  1. Kathy

    Interestingly Jim, many of those are questions I’ve never really asked. I’m sure the answers though will make for interesting reading!

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