Message for 2019

As I was doing my prayer walk this evening, I found myself speaking words as if from the Lord about what he was going to do through all of us who believe in Him and wait on him.  When I got home I sat down at the laptop and wrote out the following.  Please do test whether this is a message from the Lord for you and if it is, I trust that it will encourage you for the year ahead.

JIM SHAW, 1 Jan 2019

“I am coming – and I am here.  Do not ask how or why.  I have come to carry out my plans for my people in this nation – who have been waiting for me in faith and hope.  Some of you have been waiting and praying for a long time. But I am coming, to bring my salvation to this nation and to much further afield through you, my people.  The time is here.  Seek me as you never have before.  Walk ever so closely with me.  Look for the opportunities – you will see them.  Seize the opportunities – you will surprise yourself.  They will be here, at hand.  Many, many opportunities, because it is my Spirit creating them for you.

You are my people, joined indissolubly to me and I to you.  You abide in me, and I abide in you.  My power will flow through you, in ways you have never experienced before.  It is the power of my Spirit to save, to heal, to transform, to change lives, to rescue from destruction.  I will bring glory to my name through you all.  I will cause my name to be known throughout this land and much, much farther afield, through you all.  Because you are my ambassadors, who carry my Spirit, my presence, my holy power to save and transform lives. 

I have much to teach you and to show you, but you will learn as you walk with me and step out in my will.  I will teach you to walk in step with my Spirit – and to move in His gifts, exactly as I have promised I would.  I want the world, the whole world, to know my name – and it is through you, my people, that I will bring this about.

Do not say, I am weak, I cannot do this, or how can this be?  You are my vessels, prepared for my glory, prepared for this hour.

Now is the time, now is the hour.  I am coming – and I am here.  This land will never be the same.”