The pattern for the last days of this age: miracles – persecution – martyrdom – resurrection.

The whole city was abuzz.  Everyone was talking about it.  People were getting healed – in the churches and even out on the streets . . .” .  This is the start of a fictional news report I have written that forms the first part of the attached paper, The pattern for the last days.  It illustrates the Bible truth that miracles – persecution – martyrdom – resurrection: this was the pattern that Jesus laid down in his earthly life.  And it is to be the pattern for believers in Christ in the last days of this age.  Not all of us will actually die a martyr’s death, but we will all have to confront this as a very real possibility.

The paper sets out the evidence from the New Testament for this assertion.  It concludes with a section on the implications for Christians now and how we can prepare ourselves for this pattern, so that our faith does not fail under pressure.

I hope you dip into the paper, and above all, consider the NT evidence for yourself.  “Be prepared” was the motto of the Scout movement.  It should also be the motto of every Christian.  Please join me in getting prepared for the most glorious days of the Church, as well as the most challenging.

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