“God is working His purpose out . . and the time is drawing near”

The times have seldom been more turbulent than they are today.  But one thing is absolutely, rock-solid sure: he who sits on Heaven’s throne “works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Eph 1.11).  Or as the hymn writer put it: “God is working his purpose out, and the time is drawing near”.

We are actually told far, far more about God’s counsel and purpose in the Bible than most Christians are aware.  That counsel and purpose culminate in Christ’s return (see Eph 1.10). THAT is what the Father is working towards.  I suggest strongly that now is the time to find out just what the Bible does say about how this age will end and the new age will come in, with Christ’s return – and your part in it.  Because if we don’t know, we won’t sail through in blissful ignorance to the sunlit further shore; we are far more likely to end up ship-wrecked, and to take others down with us (read Jesus’ warnings in Lk 21.34ff and in Matthew 24, vv 9-14, 36-44).

To help you in this quest, I have greatly expanded the material in Prophecy Toolkit.  Access the “Prophecy Toolkit” page https://bibleprophecy476026125.wordpress.com/prophecy-toolkit/, then start with the document, “End of the Age introduction” – it’s only 9 pages – and go on from there .  You will also find in the material a full-scale commentary on Isaiah, which is designed to help you understand his prophecies in terms of their fulfilment and how they fit with the other prophetic parts of the Bible, OT and NT.  Start with the summaries that introduce each chapter in the Commentary, and only dip into the verse by verse notes as you need to.

No-one knows the day or hour when Christ will return, but we are meant to live, be spiritually alert, work and pray on the basis that we are that generation (Mt 24.36-51; see 2 Peter 3.12).  I hope and pray that this material will help, challenge and inspire you to do just that.

Yours in Christ Jesus.


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