Thematic Material

This page contains links to documents I have written that analyse different themes in the Bible but which are not prophetic in their nature.

Clicking a document name below will download it to your computer as a Word document.  How you use these resources is up to you. They are provided free, as a service to the Church.  As far as I know they are virus-free, but you open them at your own risk.

Other resources will be added to this page as they are written.  Each will be introduced by a new posting in my blog (the Home page of the website).


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Using the name of Jesus

The paper categorises and explores the meaning of all the verses in the NT which contain the word “name” where it refers to God the Father, or Jesus Christ, or the Lord.  It is based on the belief that as Christians we minister to others in the name of Christ, representing Him and with Him ministering through us.

Subjects: name of Jesus; name of God; church; prayer; evangelism; preaching; faith; salvation; baptism; authority; healing; miracles.