Thematic Material

This page contains links to documents I have written that analyse different themes in the Bible but which are not prophetic in their nature.

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Using the name of Jesus

The paper categorises and explores the meaning of all the verses in the NT which contain the word “name” where it refers to God the Father, or Jesus Christ, or the Lord.  It is based on the belief that as Christians we minister to others in the name of Christ, representing Him and with Him ministering through us.

Subjects: name of Jesus; name of God; church; prayer; evangelism; preaching; faith; salvation; baptism; authority; healing; miracles.

Good news of the Kingdom

The paper explores the meaning of Matt 24.14, “This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come”.  The paper concludes that this proclamation is not only verbal but by miracles of healing and other miraculous deliverances which demonstrate that the reigning power of God is able to deliver people from any sickness or anything else that holds them captive.  It is a promise that the gospel message will be proclaimed in this way throughout the world – which includes the West – before Christ returns.

Subjects: evangelism; preaching; kingdom of God, healing; miracles.

The pattern for the last days

The whole city was abuzz.  Everyone was talking about it.  People were getting healed – in the churches and even out on the streets . . .” .  The paper starts with a fictional news report designed to  illustrate the Bible truth that miracles – persecution – martyrdom – resurrection: this is to be the pattern for believers in Christ in the last days of this age.  Not all of us will actually die a martyr’s death, but we will all have to confront this as a very real possibility.

Miracles – persecution – martyrdom – resurrection.  This was clearly the pattern and the sequence of our Lord’s earthly life. The paper sets out the NT evidence, firstly on Jesus’ life from the Gospels.  Then I look for evidence of the pattern in Acts, then more widely in the teachings of the NT.  Finally I examine the evidence from Jesus’ teaching on the close of this age in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21; then I look at the implications of the Joel 2.28-32 prophecy, and what Revelation teaches us.  I conclude the paper with a section on the implications for Christians now and how we can prepare ourselves for this pattern, so that our faith does not fail under pressure.

Subjects: evangelism; preaching; kingdom of God; Christian witness; healing; miracles; church; prayer; persecution of Christians; suffering; Christ’s return; resurrection of the dead; rewards to Christians; Bible prophecy; Matthew; Mark; Luke; Acts; Joel; Revelation.